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Bill9245 75M
7 posts
10/16/2020 10:38 pm
How I Sucked My First Dick

I’d say that while I never thought I was gay and still don’t consider myself as gay, I’d realized that I enjoyed being around a man even in high school days but never acted on the attraction. I had a high school friend who was as openly gay as it was possible in the 1960 times who was gay and offering suck me once but i would not agree back then. Unfortunately this friend died in 1990 or so from AIDS. I didn’t know that he had passed until recently

So I’ve been what’s today expressed as bisexual since I’ had been married for over 40 and had regularly fucked my wife. I was thinking recently that it’s possible she and I have had sex about 1,000 times over those . My feelings for sucking a man came AFR my wife passed several ago. I tied dates with several women and nothing worked out except frustration from no rewards from my efforts over a few .

So I decided look on CL and found someone in my age group who wanted also be held and loved on my another man. After a few mails and phone discussions we met at my home for a planned naked afternoon enjoyment

He and I ended up on my bed naked. But before that and just after removing clothes he turned towards and I saw his 5 inch dick hard and standing straight out like a . I stepped the steps towards him , bent down and took him in my mouth to the root and held his dick still for about a half minute. I could feel his heartbeats through his dick and it felt warm, hard and soft at the same time. I really loved the feeling of his dick in my mouth and upper part of my throat. I backed almost off to his head and swirled my tongue rapidly in circles over his dick head. He groaned and I hummed happy sounds. I was not just liking this new sensation, I was loving it.

We spent hours enjoying each other with in the end I sucked him off with him laying on my bed where my wife had been before. I was going up and down his dick so hard that I had back off his dick get air. Unfortunately he shot his cum straight out with 3 spasms onto my lips and face just as his dick popped out of my mouth. I was disappointed to miss his pulses inside my mouth which I was looking forward that enjoyment. I open my mouth and cleaned him up with my tongue taking a good amount of cum off his dick I had swallowed it before he could say he wanted share it and taste his cum as he had not done that yet. Had I known that was needed I would certainly put my tongue into his mouth giving him his first taste of his own cum But I didn’t know and it was all gone by then. His cum was not thick but clear with some thickness but not a lot. His cum tasted sweet and sour and not unpleasant at all. I’d enjoy it again if I could but have lost contact since CL personals went away.

So that most of the story of my first man suck off. I’ll do it again sometime

Comments welcome

hamonman 61M
270 posts
10/17/2020 11:16 am

the late, great CL personals . . . RIP

Hungr4Yungr 71M
5697 posts
10/17/2020 11:26 am

That was a great experience for each of you. Too bad you lost contact with the guy due to the demise of CL.

Hert1973 47M  
1703 posts
10/17/2020 11:37 am

    Quoting Hungr4Yungr:
    That was a great experience for each of you. Too bad you lost contact with the guy due to the demise of CL.
Thought you moved to FF lol