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2btm59 59M  
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8/3/2019 12:23 pm
Part IV

He slowly slipped his still hard penis out of my asshole, moved back away from me and began to gentle lick and suck the cum from my cock, using only his lips and tongue. It felt wonderful and added to the full body buzz I was feeling. Once my shrinking cock was clean he began to kiss and suck up the larger drops of seamen splattered across my belly and chest. He kissed, and then gently bit my left nipple (They are always hard) as he worked his way up my naked body. He moved up and got face to face with me, I thought he was going to penetrate my anus again, but instead he kissed me. To my surprise he delivered about a spoon full of seamen to my mouth. I quickly swallowed it and opened my mouth to prove it to him. He got a big smile on his face and asked if I liked that. mmmmmm was my answer. "That was so hot !"
He then got up and stood beside the bed and instructed me to kneel on the corner of the mattress. This is one of my favorite positions to be butt fucked and he knew it. So I quickly obliged him and grabbed the pillow that had been under my ass. He stood behind me for a moment, probably admiring the view of my open anus and re-lubing his cock with spit. He started spreading my cheeks with his thumbs and adding a little spit to my hole too.
With out warning the plunged his dick back in side my fuck hole. He was buried to his balls in an instant and I gasped. He asked if I was alright thinking he might have hurt me, but I assured him how much I enjoyed it. I asked him to do that again; pull all the way out then stick it all the way back in, and he started doing just that !
The sensations were incredible, over and over again, sometimes pausing just a little in between. As his cock slid in and out of my wet open hole it sounded like a plunger and he was pumping a little air into me with each stroke. Soon I was having little farts pop out and I asked him if I was making a mess. He said no, and that he liked seeing my little pussy farts. Then lets just keep going, I said as I laid my head and shoulders down on the pillow.
He humped me like this for some time and I thought he was getting close to shooting his juice in me. So I asked if he wanted to cum in my like this, or in his favorite position ? He answered, his favorite position. So I moved up on to the bed and laid down on my belly. I pulled my right knee up so my thigh was at 90 degrees from my hips. I call this 'screwing me sideways' although I'm not completely on my right side. He climbed up on me, straddling my left leg and slipped his prick back into my hole. I knew it wouldn't be long before he blew his load of seamen in side my rectum.
He laid the full weight of his body on me, using only his hips to prod, poke and probe me. I was giving him full access to my boi pussy by then and he was taking full advantage of it. He would make subtle changes in direction with each stroke and I held very still as he fucked me. I asked him to tell me when he was just about to orgasm; he normally stuffs and holds his cock still inside me as he cums; but this time I had a different idea. The pace of his strokes increased and he lifted himself off of me just a little. His whole body was involved in screwing my hole and then he said "I'm about to cum". "Fuck me man Fuck me" I began to say as I began to restrict my sphincter muscles just a little. "Keep Fucking me, Harder; Deeper !" His orgasm has started and he kept pounding me as I begged him to shoot his cum deeper inside me.
After several pleasure-full moans from him, he stopped and rested his full body back on top of me. He seemed to go limp and I asked if he liked what I did there. How I squeezed his cock and begged him to keep fucking me. He sighed and said "Oh yeah, that was great." We laid there as his penis slowly softened talking about what a great session we just had. I suggested he take some pictures of me as his sperm leaked back out of my pussy hole, so he got the camera and took the picture below !

jimmyyybackdoor 62M
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9/25/2019 2:57 pm

you guys sound like a lot of fun....enjoyed the story...looking to be topped some more.....feels so good

bjhogan 62M  
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10/27/2019 10:32 am

nothing beats gaaaaaaaaaaaaay love ! lovvvvvvvvvvvvved your story ! i had a man over recently ! and i waited for him on my front porch dressed in a short teddy ! knee high boots ! big hoop ear rings ! lacy g-string panty ! lip stick ! it was dark outside so i was not worried abOUT my NEIGHBORS seeing me in FEM MODE !! he lovvvvvves cders , t-gurls ! and it was not our first hook up ! when he arrived i greeted him with a kiss ! his hands were alll over me ! i leaned over the hand rail as i sinfully smoked my cigarette ! showing him my fish net stockings and g-string panties ! his hard cock pressing against my faggot ass ! thru his jeans ! i wiggled my ass moaning with delight ! ! once inside , i led him to my bed ! turn on some gay porn as he stripped ! we kissed passionatley like horny teenagers ! then got in a 69 ! and mutual rimming ! we always swap cum kisses and togniite was no difference ! but next time ,, i want him to video me sucking and being fucked like a total sissy bottom needs !

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