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2btm59 59M  
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8/1/2019 5:08 am
Part III

He was probing me with his penis, massaging my prostate from the inside. I said to him if he keeps that up he's going to make me cum ! He said he would like to see that and grabbed my hard on with his right hand. He squeezed my dick and force some more pre cum out of the tip which he collected on his thumb. Using that as lube to massage the area just under the head of my cock. He was teasing me and he knew it as he rubbed and pinched my head and slowly stroked my shaft.
I noticed that he had stopped fucking my asshole, he was so focused on making me cum. I started squirming my anus around on his penis so it would continued to stimulate my prostate. He pulled my dick almost straight up towards the ceiling and kept stroking me firmly. I was getting ready to explode !
I squeezed his cock with my sphincter muscles, my arms and neck went limp. A couple of drops of my seamen dripped from my piss hole and then the first big ejaculation came. I felt my cum shoot through my cock, passed the point where he was pinching it and out the head. I had my eyes closed, focusing on the immense pleasure as my warm spooge plashed on my chest and shoulder. "Keep going" I said as the next ejaculation happened. This time it was even more intense and I heard him say, WoW.
(He told me later that he could feel each convulsion of my anus as I was Cumming)
I ejected even more seamen this time, I could feel it landing on my face and chest so I opened my mouth in hopes of catching some. I had a third, a forth and a fifth ejection of seamen and several globs landed in and around my mouth. I gladly licked it from my lips.
He stroked me until there was nothing left and my convulsing cock settled down. He let go of it and let it stand there all covered I my sticky cum. My body splattered with my own sperm and him licking his fingers. I just laid there, my whole body was buzzing and he just enjoying the view.

hamonman 60M
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8/3/2019 8:11 pm

jimmyyybackdoor 62M
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9/25/2019 2:46 pm

Fantastic.....wonderful cum...great story.