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2btm59 59M  
15 posts
7/31/2019 3:57 pm
Part II

He slowly slid his hard on in and of my anus. I could feel every inch of his shaft reaching into the depth of my rectum. At that angle, the head of his penis was rubbing past my prostate with each stroke. It was making my dick so hard and pre was dripping in a long thin string, creating another puddle on my belly just my navel.
He had an intense look in his eyes while I was almost cross eyed with pleasure. He leaned in and we began kissing. The sensations of his lips on mine, his tongue deep in my mouth and his hard cock stuffing my fuck hole was overwhelming. I moaned each time he plunged his erection into me. I had both my hands squeezing and rubbing his thighs and could feel his muscles strain as he humped me. My anal lips were so open and accepting of his stiff prick and I could hear the sound of my well lube hole being fucked.
His thrusting began to pick up speed and he didn't draw his penis out as far. The sloshing sound of my wet hole was replace with the spanking sound of his crotch slapping my butt cheeks. He leaned back until he was up right and let my legs slide down from his shoulders my feet touched the bed. He grabbed my thighs, spread me wide open and continued to stuff his prick in me. At this new angle, the head of his penis was poking at my prostate and I was moaning loudly. "OH Fuck Me !" I said over and over again.
He had a great view of me; Legs spread, his hard cock in my asshole, my hard cock and balls in the leather cock strap, I felt so fulfilled. The only thing missing was his creamy white seamen deposited in my anus.
be continued . . .

jimmyyybackdoor 62M
21 posts
9/25/2019 2:41 pm

I am waiting for the climax!