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2btm59 59M  
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4/27/2019 5:02 pm
My Best Day as a Bottom ! A True Story !

I rented the motel room about 1:00 afternoon and as soon as I got in, locked the door and closed the curtains, I got naked. I began my usual routine of enemas while sipping coffee and unpacking the lubes and toys we would use. I set out some towels and began stretching my anus with progressively larger butt plugs and dildos. My cock was fully erect with anticipation of the gay sex was to .
After three full enema bags washed out my ass, I was ready for a shower, I knew my lover would be calling in about 30 minutes or so. All cleaned , inside and out, and freshly shaved, I placed a black leather cock strap tight around my cock and balls. It made my penis even harder and my large head was purple with excitement !
Just then my phone rang and the caller ID said it was him ! I told him what room I was in and he said he was just a few minutes away. I quickly scanned the room and turned on ALL the lights ! (We're both very visual !) I was peering through the peep hole while stroking my cock when he arrived and knocked on the door. I was hopeing no one would walk by after I opened the door because I was totally naked except for the cock strap. I unlock and opened the door all the way so he could see me standing there in the sun light, with a raging hard-on and a big smile on my face .
He smiled and stepped in the room as I closed and locked the door. As soon as I turned around he gently pinched the head of my cock to collect the large drop of pre-cum which he put on his tongue. "Ummm" he said as he hugged me and we began French kissing. I began rubbing his ass through his gray dress slacks as he rubbed my back, so I took both his hands and guided them down to my bare buns. He began squeezing and spreading my cheeks as we kissed even deeper and more passionately.
My naked cock was grinding into his pants, I was sure I was smearing pre-cum on them but he wasn't concerned. He then backed me against the wall and dropped down to suck my dick. Starting slowly he licked my shaft just below the head, working and down kissing and licking . Then in one sudden motion, he sucked into to his mouth and took my cock all the way down his throat ! He wiggled back and forth as I gasped with pleasure then slowly withdrew and admired my now wet erection !
He cupped my tight ball sack in one hand while he reached around my butt cheek and began to massage my anus with a wet finger from the other. He stroked my shaft with his lips making a slurping sound as he sucked it. He would suddenly deep throat then pull completely off my cock to see it dripping with spit. I could see us in the mirror to the right , him kneeling, fully clothed, blowing me !
I was naked, my shoulders against the wall, my back arched so my hard penis was pointed towards his mouth. I could feel his saliva running down my inner thighs and I was so hot, my knees were getting weak.
As he would thrust his mouth onto my cock I put both my hands on his head as if I was forcing him to deep throat me, even though I wasn't. When he drew off of me I grabbed my own ass and squeezed it. I wanted him to penetrate my asshole with his finger but he just kept massaging it, poking in just a little to tease . I was so turned on by then, it probably would have made .
I finally said "We needed to get you naked so you can fuck me!", so he stood up, I squatted down, loosened his belt, unbuttoned the top of his pants and unzipped him. I could see his half erect 7"cock straining against the fabric and I pulled down his pants and underwear at the same time. His penis popped out and began to stiffen immediately then I noticed he was completely shaven. He had always been nicely trimmed but never shaved smooth before ! "WoW !" I said as I looked at his hairless crotch. My only thoughts were to suck him down my throat and feel his cock thicken and stiffen in my mouth.
All I wanted to do was pleasure him as much as he had pleased me. I took a deep breath and quickly swallowed his dick all the way to his balls. I worked my tongue out my lower lip so I could lick his smooth scrotum as I gagged a little. He gasped and whispered words of encouragement as I repeatedly deep throated him. I had a hold of his now naked butt cheeks, so I forced his hips into my face over and over again. Sucking and slurping his dick while I was squatting down with my legs spread wide. I mentioned the mirror view to him so he could enjoy it like I had.
As I was devouring his cock, I helped him out of his pants and handed them to him. I never stopped sucking and deep throating. He took his shirt off so now all he had on was his socks and shoes. I asked if he wanted to leave them on while we fucked, but he declined and removed them. While he was doing , I told him I wanted to be his fuck toy for the day. He could do whatever he wanted, in any position for as long as he wanted, and we would do it all, bare back. He chuckled as I crawled on the bed, laid on my back, pulled my legs to my shoulders and spread my ass cheeks for him. He loved to rim me and my asshole was already open a little and still wet from his finger. He dove right in.
He licked in all different directions before starting to wriggle his tongue into my hungry hole. I kept my cheeks spread wide with both hands as I watched pre-cum ooze out of my piss hole. Occasionally he pulled away to see how much gape I was getting, then right back to tongue fucking . I was moaning with pleasure which encouraged him to go deeper and wider. The next thing I know, his finger entered , twisting it's way into my ass before poking in and out.
My cock strap was so tight and my dick so hard it formed my nuts into a single hairless ball about the size of a baseball. As he slipped another finger, or two in side my anus, he began to gently lick and suck my uni-ball. He was reaching my prostate with each thrust and he knew it. Then he licked the pre-cum from my cock and the puddle was forming on my belly. He knew I was close to cumming, so he slowed down a little and leaned back to enjoy the view.
I asked him "Do you want to fuck now?" He just smiled. "I'll suck you some more to get you hard again" I said, but he showed me his penis was still very erect. So I begged him to fuck me ! Please !
He smiled and grabbed an extra pillow then lifted my spread butt and stuffed it under my tailbone. I let go of my ass cheeks just long enough to adjust it a little then back to spreading my hole open for him. I wanted to be the perfect angle for the missionary position. Normally I would remove the cock strap at this point because my balls would get banged and squashed between us, but not today. I was to take the pain because of the pleasure of having him stuff his tongue in my mouth while he stuffed his dick in my ass.
As I pushed my sphincter muscle out for his viewing pleasure, he added some spit to it and to his cock. He then moved in closer so he could gently slap my swollen anus with the head of his penis. He rubbed it and slapped it and watched my reaction. His 7" cock had an average sized shaft and a small tapered head came to a nice point, made it easy to slide into my hole. Then he put both his hands just below my arm pits, his shoulders against the back of my thighs and raised on his toes to get the right angle to enter .
He wiggled a little and slowly started to penetrate , but only half way. He pulled all the way back out and then slowly entered again but this time he slid all the way inside me. He was pointing his dick as hard as he could to get as deep inside me as he could. I was pushing back just as hard in order to get every inch of his shaft in to my open hole. He angled his hips so he could push his cock against my prostate and held it there for a few seconds. I felt such a rush as the head of his hard cock pressed into me.

To be continued . . .

bjhogan 62M  
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4/28/2019 5:18 am

wow !!!!!!!!!!!!! nothing cumpares to no holds barred gaaaaaaay love ! sounds like my first nite with BARKLEY !! a gay lover i met after my 2nd divorce in 08 !!

2btm59 replies on 4/29/2019 2:03 pm:
Well I'm glad you liked it bj, check back soon for the continuation of the story. It was a very Hot session as you will see !

Hungr4Yungr 70M
4614 posts
4/28/2019 12:50 pm

Great story!

2btm59 replies on 4/29/2019 2:03 pm:
Thanks ! Glad you liked it. Check back soon or the continuation !

btccu4 59M
101 posts
5/3/2019 3:50 am

I love your to hear the rest of it !!I wish it was me and you !!

bjhogan 62M  
1177 posts
5/10/2019 2:25 pm

oooooh honey ! inquiring minds wanna know more about your session ! THAT is WHAT'S SOOO GREAT abOUT HOTEL GAAAAAAAY SEXXX !! we do not need to know each other ! but we SURE KNOW what OUR PARTNER WANTS & NEEDS !!! as we share the same plumbing ! we give every bit as we get ! unlike women ! who need a reason to fuck ! men just need a place ! that goes for STRAIGHT ! Bi ! or GAAAAAAY !! i have learned so much about my own body's hot spots when i embraced my homosexuality ! no woman could ever make me cum soooo much ! as when a man is fucking or eating my man pussy ! but allso the foreplay is more intense with a man ! the kissing ! the nipple play ! 69ing ! and also 69 rimming ! going from sucking our dicks to rimming our holes ! fingering our holes ! ass play as foreplay is something women have no clue about ! and i had my share of women before i crossed to the gaaaaay side ! my only regret was not cummmming out sooner !

bjhogan 62M  
1177 posts
6/29/2019 4:18 am

oooooooooh honey ! please finish your story !

jimmyyybackdoor 62M
21 posts
9/25/2019 9:56 am

An excellent day as a bottom. I am new to gay sex and would prefer first-time meets over coffee or craft beer....then move to hotel/motel. Great story for bi-men to have discrete sex when one can't host overnight.

bjhogan 62M  
1177 posts
10/27/2019 10:11 am

i hear ya JIMMY !! LOUD & QUEEEER !! as a married man ! i used to go to the bath house to get my cum fix ! which is how my EX found OUT i was QUEER ! COMDOMS & LUBE with the BATH HOUSE LOGO in my JEANS when she was DOING LAUNDRY !! no words were ever spoken ! but it was not long that she moved out and asked for a divorce to live with a guy she was fucking at work ! it was then i finaly came out of the closet ! no secrets in a small town ! so i saw no point to continue living a lie ! and openly dated a man from my home town ! we were the talk of the town ! and we even had a couple of 3-somes with a gay married man ! i have even SERVICED that MARRIED GUY in my HOME !! so i know why some men can not spend the nite ! hell ! i was THAT GUY too !!! so i know how to be discreet ! but he has since moved away and i lost touch with him ! but i find GAY ! MARRIED MEN to be some of the most PASSIONATE LOVERS !!! they know i will glaaaaady do what their wives will not !