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2btm59 59M  
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9/30/2019 6:43 pm
Beginners Luck

I had been fantasizing about engaging in gay sex for a long time. I had enjoyed fingers, toys and rimming with women, for some time. So after 40th birthday I decided it was time to try it with a man. It was a difficult decision as anyone has every been there can attest. I was thrilled with the idea of having a fantastic first experience at the time fearing having a terrible experience. Either way I knew it would probably change my life, forever.
So I started checking the gay personal adds in a local Alternative newspaper. I found that interested me and answered them. The that responded back was a Bi WM about my age that was looking for a regular hook up. He was a mostly a top looking for a bottom Gay, Bi or curious. That was me, Curious.
I was very nervous to say the least, but we began talking on the phone about my lack of experience, and his limited experience. After several such calls I was more at ease with him and agreed to meet on a Saturday morning. He seemed to understand my apprehension and assured me that it was OK if I changed my mind.

So we met in the parking lot of a local donut shop, he got into my car and we talked a while. Then I asked if he would like to get a motel room and he agreed. He was kind enough to sign and for the room while I waited in the car. Once we got in the room, he closed the drapes and locked the door. I asked if he would be ok with the lights off ? He paused a moment and then agreed the bathroom light on. So it was time get naked, I kicked my shoes off, sat down on the bed take my pants off. Then I stood up and removed my shirt and underwear. I didn't watch him get undressed, I don't know if he watched me.

When I crawled up on the bed he was on his back, his legs spread just enough give a good view of his cock and balls. He was half erect already and I wasn't far behind. "How about I go first?" I asked and he spread his legs apart to give me full access. I was on my knees between his legs and cupped his penis in right hand. I gave it a few strokes before leaning down to take it into my mouth. I was very careful to use my lips and tongue, (I have gotten toothy blow jobs that weren't much fun) and slowly began to suck his dick. He became fully erect very quickly as I stroked the base of his cock with my thumb and fore finger while I sucked and stroked the head with my mouth.

I had never sucked cock before, and the taste and texture were very pleasant. He was about 7" with a medium shaft and a small contoured head that came to a point. I had read somewhere that if you want to give a good blow job, just remember the best you ever got and do that ! So with that in mind I proceeded give a man oral pleasure for the very first time.

Before long I began taste his pre cum and it turned me on ! I started getting comfortable with his penis in my mouth so I began licking and going as deep as I could. I was starting enjoy it. Then I stood his penis straight up with my hand still stroking and looked at his erection all wet with spit. I gave it a squeeze and asked if I did ok for my first time. He said I did and now it was his turn.

So we switched positions and he began suck and stroke my now swollen cock. Before I knew it, he was deep throating me and I was as hard as I had ever been. He would pull my dick of his mouth just long enough get a breath then slide it all the way back in. I could tell he loved giving head as he wiggled his throat around, with my penis in it. At first I had eyes closed but then I started watching him as his lips slid all the way down the base of my prick. At point he pulled off and said, "You've got a cock!" and I said Thank you, so do you.

He then began lick the shaft and kiss the head, while holding it straight up. He moved down my balls and I quickly cautioned him be very gentle. (I have very sensitive balls) So he just licked and tease my nut sack a little and then grabbed both my thighs from the back and forced them up my chest. This lifted my ass up off the bed, pinning shoulders down. He adjusted slightly and then began licking anus ! WOW !

He started with long lollypop licks the full length of ass crack and then they got shorter, licking either side of my asshole. I grabbed my knees in order hold that position for him and he slid his hands down my cheeks and spread me open.
I was a little surprised and said I didn't think I was ready do that him. He responded saying that was ok, he loves rim.

He pushed his lips into my crack and started doing circles around my asshole with his tongue. I slid my hands down to my cheeks and spread myself even wider for him. Kind of like presenting my anus to him and inviting him to dig in. I was wondering if he was going to stick his tongue in me and sure enough, he did. I was starting to relax my sphincter muscles and I think he could feel it. He pressed even harder into crack, I could feel his chin against my tail bone and his nose rubbing my scrotum. The tip of his tongue began to work its way into my hole. He continued to make little circles and wriggle it in. Then he began to thrust his mouth and tongue in and out of my ass and I was nearly cross eyed with pleasure.

I let him eat me for a bit and then said, "I bet you'd like to fuck me now ?"
"Yes I would !." he said, got up on his knees and maneuvered in closer to me. He took some spit to rub on his still-hard cock and pressed it into my wet anus. As he began to penetrate me, he took my legs up to his shoulders and slid his penis all the way inside my butt hole. It hurt a little and I said go easy at first. So slowly he began to pump me; sliding all the way in but not all the way out. It didn't take long for me to relax and then he leaned down and we began to kiss . Another first !

(A quick note; He was married and had ; we had talked about unprotected sex before we met; my concern at that point was him cumming inside me. I wasn't ready for that.)

The taste of my cock, my pre-cum and my own anus was fresh on his lips and he forced his tongue into my mouth. I went with it and we began passionately French kissing. So now he's humping my asshole pretty steadily and it feels good, but I felt a little cramped and want try a different position. So I suggested I get on my knees and he could fuck me from behind. I flipped over onto my knees with my head and shoulders on the bed. But that made it difficult for him to re-enter me so I got up on my hands and changed the angle of my hips. I don't know if he added some spit to his cock or not, but it slipped right back in as if it belonged there !

So there I am, on all fours, with my knees together and he's boning Me. Then he draws my hips back a little to get me a bit lower and puts his hand on my back to gently push my chest down to the mattress. I stretched my arms toward the head board and he starts fucking me a little harder and a little faster. I start moaning with pleasure. I had no idea that getting fucked doggy style would feel this good. His hard cock was at the perfect angle to thrust in and of my now, gaping hole, without any discomfort at all.

He continued humping me, occasionally slowing so he could watch his cock slide in and out of me in the dim light. I asked him if he liked the view ? "Fantastic" he said and complimented me on my tight fuck hole. He balled me like that for a while, putting leg up beside me pound my ass, then switching his other leg pound me some more. Then I asked him let me lay flat on my stomach, but to stay inside me. I didn't want his stiff dick to slip . So together we laid down on the bed.

I still had my knees together so he could bang me good. And he did just that ! He started slamming into my butt cheeks, thrusting his cock as deep as he could with every stroke. I could tell he was getting close to climax and I started to reconsider if I wanted him to cum inside me.(?) Just then he pulled of my anus, stuffed his hard cock down between my ass checks and his belly and poured his seamen on the small of my back ! He moan with pleasure and sank down lay on top of me when he was fifnshed. His whole weight was on me as he began to relax and it felt pretty good.

We both took deep breaths and laid there with his spooge dripping off either side of me. I asked jokingly, "Was that good for you ?" and we both had a good laugh. I knew it wouldn't be the time we ever screw each other, it was just the beginning of a very sexual relationship !

The picture was taken at our third or fourth meeting (Paydate !) By then we were comfortable enough take pictures before, during and after sex! It may not like it, but he just got done butt fucking me and I was still in the after glow ! You can't see his cum because I let him blow his whole load inside my asshole !! These are Polaroid pictures that are getting fuzzy now, but they still hold a lot of memories !

The End

If you read all of it and enjoyed this story please let me know !

ineedtraining4 58M
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10/6/2019 5:06 pm

More, tell us more!

2btm59 replies on 12/7/2019 8:02 pm:
Check it out ! I finished the story for you !

adickted18 43M
165 posts
10/7/2019 3:06 pm

Yes! I love first time stories!

2btm59 replies on 12/7/2019 8:02 pm:
It's a true story !

bjhogan 62M  
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10/27/2019 9:46 am

i'm waiting with baited breath to hear how YOUR FIRST TIME went ? !!!! i can still remember how NERVOUS & ANXIOUS i was when first began having GAY LOVE /seXXX !! and yes ! my life CHANGED for the BETTER !! i had always been attracted to the male body ! but never knew or understood why ? dispite being called a sissy faggot ! by friends and family since high school ! it was after my 1st divorce in 94 that i crossed that gaaaaay line ! and instantly and instinctly i knew how to deepthroat ! and swallow ! to finaly take it up the ass was not only plezzzzzurabe ! but INTENSE !! unlike any sexxx before ! but i ALSO LEARNED HOT SPOTS i NEVER KNEW BEFORE !! SUCH AS NIPPLE PLAY & RIMMMMING !! NO WOMAN EVER SUCKED MY NIPS or ATE my ASS !! and once you experience that ! omg ! but it was when i began KISSING MEN & MAKING OUT ! that i truly BEGAN to ACCEPT & EMBRACE my HOmoseXXXuality !!! it was like NITE & DAY !! MEN know each OTHER'S HOT SPOTS better than WOMEN !! i lovvvvvvvve it when a man sucks my nips ! rims my hole ! kisses my neck and ears ! gropes and fondles my whole body ! i am putty in his hands ! and i will do what ever he desires to get my creamy reward ! hell ,, even the after play is hotter ! the cuddling ! snuggling ! spooning ! feeling secure and protected as i rests against his chest ! waking up nude!his warm body pressed next to mine ! i feel his throbbing ! MORNING WOOD !! & i let him fuck me sinsualy to start our day ! god ! is there anything better ?? THAT CLOSENESS & BOND we SHARE !! no women can understand ! i have swallowed his seed ! he had implanted his sperm in my hole ! and i have absorbed his DNA & we are FOREVER BONDED !! my ONLY REGRET ? NOT ACTING SOONER on my GAAAAAAY URGES !!

2btm59 replies on 12/7/2019 8:05 pm:
Right on !

lnbk52 67M
5 posts
12/6/2019 11:49 am

I can relate to the nipple and rimming experience. I have not yet had the pleasure of a male performing this, but I do look forward to it in the near future.